runata (runata) wrote,

по наводке Серёжи glupo пошла в твиттере за юзером "DoWhatITellYou"

и не пожалела
прям в хоть в сериал превращай

- Pick up the phone and say "Mooooo." Hang it up. Mutter "I hate it when cows call me at work, UGH." Good.

- Stroke your arm hair and say "Good arm. Good." Good.

- Make a finger gun. Kiss it and put it in your pocket. Say "There you go, Rosebud." Good.

- Pretend you have a laser pointer beaming from the tip of your nose. Point it at something. Say "Target locked." Good.

- Pick up your phone and discreetly say "I just want to let you know: It's a giraffe." Hang up. Look around nervously. Good.

- Press the space bar with your nose. Sit up and delete your space. Say "Chirp." Good

ничего не понравилось из предложенного?
ну вот ещё занятие
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